Pictures Of Backyard Landscape Designs

Pictures of Backyard Landscape Designs

Take time to review before completing a design for your own yard. This will help you get an idea of what a finished project will look like.

The following range from those that were professionally installed, to those installed by novice gardeners. With the exception of the patios and some retaining walls, even the professionally installed planting beds and landscaping plants can be recreated by someone with little experience.

The picture below evidences a beautifully installed concrete patio with combination retaining wall and firepit. The patio and retaining wall are best installed by professionals, however the planting beds surrounding the patio can be easily created by the homeowner.

Concrete patio with firepit

The wall of foliage at the rear of the yard makes sure that this newly built house doesn’t have that “barren” feeling while the plants in the yard take time to establish themselves. The trees also provide the homeowner with a great deal of privacy while enjoying their backyard.


Raised deck with landscaping bushes

The to the right and below display evergreen hedges that are relatively short right now, however they will eventually reach a height that will provide privacy and a windscreen to the homeowners while enjoying their yard. These landscaping bushes planted in front of the deck will also provide relief from the afternoon sun, and a welcome screen to the space underneath the deck.


Perennial plants and landscaping bushes

The hydrangea bushes planted above will give some cover to the patio, however they only grow to a maximum of about 5 feet. The perennial grasses on the left hand side will stay shorter, so the homeowners will be able to enjoy the fulll view of their yard from the patio, while maintaining some privacy.


Rain water barrel

You’ll notice a couple of different water conservation ideas in this front yard…the obvious rain water barrel must be placed on several landscaping blocks to keep it raised above ground level. This ensures that the water has some pressure to drain from the hose. There’s also a small chain on the right side of the picture. This chain is placed in lieu of a gutter…water runs down the chain and disperses so much so that it is absorbed by the garden plants, preventing it from being diverted into the sewer system. Brilliant!


Etched concrete patio with surrounding landscape design

Another one of the that displays a professionally installed patio and walkway….this one is made out of concrete which is etched to appear as though it was created out of landscaping bricks. This gives the homeowner the best of both worlds…a patio that has a lot of charm without the possibility for weed formation between the bricks.

When working with brick patios, the area must be routinely maintained to ensure that weeds don’t push up through the cracks and end up dislodging even the most secure of bricks. While concrete etched in such designs may be a bit more expensive, the expense is worth the ease of care and durability you’ll find with this design. The landscaping areas surrounding the patio, including the landscaping bricks that form a path through the grass, can certainly be installed by the novice designer.


Retaining wall with landscaping bushes

The above and below display different styles of retaining walls, and the use of different landscape rocks and landscaping bricks to create each design.


Small retaining wall with perennial groundcover

Retaining walls can help to create a level area such as is used with the evergreen hedges above. They are situated around a patio to provide a cozy outdoor area and privacy for outdoor dining.

The retaining wall to the left was done to add depth and dimension to the landscape design. While it certainly wasn’t necessary, this wall does provide visual interest to the space. The evergreen perennial ground cover planted at the base of the wall forms a thick mat which prevents weeds from taking room.


Raised firepit installed by professionals

The following two show the many different ways to add a firepit to your backyard design…have one put in for you by professionals, or put your own spin on it. I love this raised design as it really delineates the firepit area, keeping the flames well contained within the ring. There is also a paved area around the firepit for seating.


The picture below shows a rugged sort of camping type feel to the backyard design. I installed this firepit myself with some old landscaping bricks that were laying around the yard. The project took me less than a couple of hours, and I love the rustic feel! If you’re on a tight budget, the “rustic firepit” is surely the way to go…costing only your sweat equity!

Firepit installed by novice


This flowering crab apple tree is the focal point for this design. With several shade loving perennials planted at the base of the tree, this design is in it’s full glory every spring!

Flower crab apple tree


A simple garden plot can be spruced up by adding perennials, particularly those of different heights. Plant vegetables and annual plants inter-mixed with the perennials to create visual interest in the garden.

Garden design that includes perennial plants

You’ll notice that in most , there is a great deal of “flow” to the design.

Concrete patio with surrounding landscape design

Curved patios and curved planting beds seem to create more visual interest and enjoyment than features with hard angles. Create planting beds around formal patios to add interest, depth and privacy to your patio.

Remember that it is easier, and requires less maintenance for you, when the lawn comes in contact with a planting bed as opposed to a patio. When a lawn runs right up against a patio, you’ll need to edge this area on a regular basis, and the blades from the lawnmower can create some damage to your patio.

A few landscaping bricks can be added to the planting area to provide a defined walkway from the patio to the lawn. Once you’ve completed your design, don’t forget to pick out just the right patio furniture for enjoying your little slice of heaven!


Landscape design with bushes, perennials and annuals

These are quite informal and were installed by the homeowners. Notice the importance of ensuring plantings are a variety of heights, sizes, shapes, textures and colors. The design above shows a large landscaping bush off to the right. “Anchoring” bushes at the corners of your landscape design will help properly balance the design overall.


Backyard landscape design

Seating areas are of primary importance in the backyard landscape, as are mature trees and bushes. Landscaping trees create shade, provide privacy and help keep areas cool in the summer and warmer during the winter. The correct positioning of trees will help you enjoy your patio more frequently during warmer/cooler temperatures.

Landscape design incorporates front yard seating area

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