Nurseries Online

Nurseries Online
Are these really good to buy from?

Smarty Plants will soon be one of the many nurseries
online that folks will be able to purchase plants from, and I can’t wait!

But in the meantime….who can you trust?

There are so many nurseries out there it’s
hard to know where to purchase your plants from.

When you’re talking about ordering something online, the
up side is that you can find a larger selection of plants than you can at your
local nursery, however the downside is that unless you have experience with the
company you are purchasing from, it’s a bit of a crap shoot on what type of
product you’re going to get.

Because I am working on establishing my tiny backyard
nursery, Smarty Plants, I need to be ultra careful about the type of plants that I
.  I need to make sure that I am
purchasing healthy plants
, that are not bound by trademarks or patents, and
that are properly labeled with both their botanical names and plant names.

I have ordered from several different over
the years.  The ones listed on this page
are companies that I have found to be reputable, easy to work with, and those
that produce beautiful plants in the online realm

So without further ado…..

Nurseries Online:  Bluestone Perennials

Oh man, oh man!  Does
this place have the perennials or what?!?!

Not only do they have a HUGE variety of perennials, but they
do a fabulous job of packaging their babies safely, and arriving at your home
in good condition.

Plants that I purchased from Bluestone Perennials .

Thus far I have purchased several hosta, daylilies, and one
small shrub shaped perennial from them, and I have been impressed each time.

These are pictures of the hosta that were delivered to my
house, and this is what they looked like upon arrival.  The packaging is secure, yet spacious enough
that the plants do not get crowded in their containers, and the containers are
plantable, which means no transplant shock for your babies.

A definite bonus!

AND they have a 50% off sale every Friday on certain

I have purchased the sale
plants as well as the full priced plants, and all were found to be of good
quality.  The plants have all taken well
to their new home, and are thriving.

Very responsive customer service as well.  Love Bluestone!

The hostas shortly after planting

Nurseries Online:  Lazy S’s Farm

This is the place to go for tree and shrub selection!

Literally, a huge, huge selection of trees
and shrubs.  Thus far, I have received 3
Miss Kim Lilacs from them, and have a Golden Curls Willow and 2
viburnums coming from them as well.

The 3 Miss Kim Lilacs are doing very well in their new
location.  They are small, but are fast
growers, and I already have new growth on all 3 of them.

When they arrived they were properly pruned
to encourage proper “bushing out” instead of spindly growth.  This would be a benefit to someone who is not
as familiar with pruning practices.

The pots they came in were plastic, and the packaging was
not quite as extensive as Bluestone, but definitely sufficient to meet the
needs of the plant.

I am also appreciative of the fact that they are delaying
shipment of the viburnums until they are ready.
Apparently the root growth rate has not been as good this year due to
the cold spring, so they will ship when they can handle the trip.

They have kept me  notified on a weekly basis as to the status
of this shipment. 

Very impressed with them.

Nurseries Online:  Raintree Nursery

And last but not least, this is the company that I go to for
my berries….thus far, I have only received their strawberries, but I am HIGHLY
impressed with them

Strawberries one week after planting

This is a picture of the strawberries one week after planting.  They look fabulous!

They were shipped
bareroot (which means they look like little dead root balls) and ALL of them
have produced growth since I got them planted.

And when I say they looked dead….I mean they looked dead!

I have heard that the success rate for bare roots can be less
than 75%, so I was thrilled with this!

And I actually took about a week to plant them!  Very nice!

I’m planning on ordering blackberries and raspberries from them, and perhaps some blueberry bushes as well.

And when I have the room….a grape vine too!  🙂

What should you look for in ?

The nurseries that you end up purchasing from should have some type of guarantee on their plants.

It would be standard for the company to give you a guarantee on the condition of the plants UPON ARRIVAL, and expect you to notify them immediately if there are concerns about the condition of the plant.

Obviously, you can’t expect a company to be responsible for the plant once you begin taking care of it….unfortunately, many people struggle with how to properly care for plants, including planting and watering them.

No company can guarantee their plants will survive poor care.

This is a standard guarantee you should look for from your nursery:

We supply quality plants. Our plants are guaranteed to arrive alive and well
and be true to name as labeled.

When given proper care, they will leaf out an grow. We are proud of our
success rate.

Claims for unsatisfactory plants or shortages must be made within seven days
of receipt of the order to get a full refund.

Call us immediately, and we will work with you to correct any problem. If
any plant fails to leaf out and grow, and you believe the plant was defective,
notify us during the first year, and we will place a credit for you in our
system for the cost of the item towards future purchases. Or we will
replace your plant, one time free, provided you pay the shipping.

Is it worth the hassle to use online nurseries?

I think so, yes. 

  1. You can find a variety of plants at these sites that you may not find locally,
  2. The plants may be less expensive because they are often smaller,
  3. and you can purchase from companies that specialize in growing certain types of plants…which usually means they’re better at it!

The links on this page take you directly to the that I recommend.

This site receives no financial compensation for referrals to their companies, they are simply reputable companies that I have worked with, and want to forward information that I have learned onto you.

I also want to encourage the integrity of the online nursery business since I intend to join this group of growers in the near future!

Good luck to you in your search for the perfect landscaping plant!

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