Hot Tub Review

Hot Tub Review

This will help you decide, not which BRAND of hot tub you should purchase, but whether or not you SHOULD purchase one at all!

You think you might like one of these beauties in your own yard, but you’re not sure what’s all involved in the care and maintenance of a hot tub…well, you’ve come to the
right place.

I have personally lived in 2 homes with a hot tub.  My prior home had one, and my current home has one.

I’m not gonna lie….I LOVE this item!!!

As a matter of fact, my hot tub is on the fritz right now and I am sad, sad, sad!  I’m kind of surprised how much I miss it, especially as we’re out of the dead of winter now, and springtime is one of the best hot-tubbing times around!

BUT….and this is a big but…I’ve been through some ups and downs with it, and it does not come without some maintenance and some costs (beyond the cost of the actual item itself).

Also, there’s probably more involved to the installation that you’re aware of.  Well, there was more involved that I was aware of anyway.

So let’s get on with this !

Hot Tub Review:
1. Installation

Buy it today, and be soaking in it tonight!!!

Ha ha ha…if you believe that, I’ve got a couple more good stories for you!

Hot tub with cover lift attached.

Let’s just say, it’s not quite that simple, and I have to admit that I thought it would be much easier than it actually was. I was a little disappointed when I found out how many steps were involved before I would be soaking in my hot tub.

When I bought the swimming pool and hot tub, I knew it would be awhile before I could swim in the pool, but I really thought I’d be soaking in that tub within a week of

Inform yourself fully of the steps involved so you know exactly what to expect.

Hot Tub Review
2. Cleaning

This is kind of a given, right?  If you have a hot tub, you know you’re going to have to clean it.

Regular maintenance with a hot tub is surprisingly manageable, especially when compared with the maintenance involved with a pool.  It can be handled by one adult easily, and is not overly cumbersome.

With the exception of winter care, you’ll find the standard
maintenance part of owning a hot tub
fairly straight forward.

Hot Tub Review
3. Cover Lift

If your going to have a hot tub, you will need to purchase a cover.  And if you have a cover, you definitely need to get a hot tub cover lift to go with it. Don’t wait several years after owning your hot tub like I did, either.

Get one right away and enjoy the benefits!

Oh, and be prepared for the fact that this device does not magically lift the cover off of your hot tub (shockingly, that’s what I thought!)  It merely “assists” you in getting that heavy sucker off in a reasonable fashion.  More details can be found at this link.

Hot Tub Review
4. Winter Care

I didn’t have a lot of hot tub info on winter care when I had my tub installed, and I’ve really experienced a few minor crises as a result.

First of all, can you keep your hot tub open all winter long?? Yes, and I highly recommend this!

Keeping your hot tub on all winter long is some of the BEST advice I can give you!

The winterizing procedure is not a given, and keeping that warm water
pulsating through the tub all winter long will ensure you avoid any ice

If you’ve never hot tubbed in the winter, you definitely need to try it. It’s delightful!

I believe it helps decrease instances of seasonal depression because it allows you to get outside in the sunshine, even if the temperature is below freezing.

Oh, and you should definitely try hot tubbing during a peaceful winter snowfall…AMAZING!

So what are some of the problems you can run into over the long, cold winter?

3 major problems I’ve encountered:

  1. Snow on top of the cover
  2. Pipes freezing
  3. Heating expense

Snow gets heavy…VERY heavy…and the hot tub melts it just enough to make it wetter and heavier.  Even after the snow gets removed, that cover can
be quite heavy and cumbersome to open once it’s been covered with snow.

If you have a gazebo, or some type of roof over your hot tub, then no problem! Hot tub all winter long and enjoy.

I had one winter where there was a lot of snow, and I just got flat out lazy about removing it.  As a result, I didn’t check the hot tub all winter long and just kept it running.

Or so I thought….

Guess what happened?
The power must have gone out, or the circuit breaker tripped for
whatever reason, and the power to the hot tub was cut off.  As a result, the entire tub froze over.

Which leads me to the 2nd problem…pipes freezing.

A beautiful hot tub destroyed by winter damage, being given away FOR FREE on Craigs List! :(

As you know, water expands when it freezes, and with all of the tubes and chambers in which the water in a hot tub circulate, you don’t want any of those tubes expanding and cracking.

One year, I thought I’d close up my hot tub for the winter, and got all of the water out of it.  Or so I thought.  I even added non-toxic anti-freeze to the bottom of the tub.

But it did no good…the water had frozen, and cracked one of the bottom pipes.  The repair was over $900.

What was I going to do??  I had paid over $7,000 for the hot tub, so I knew I had to get the repair!

You need to be quite skilled and knowledgeable about getting all of the water out of your hot tub if you wish to close it down for the winter, or you need to leave it running so it’s warm enough not to freeze.

This leads me to the 3rd problem….cost of heating the hot tub!

You’re going to notice a significant spike in your utility bills due to the electricity required to heat the hot tub on a regular basis.  It will pain you to pay this bill during anytime that you don’t use the hot tub.

For me, that time is during the winter months.

Be prepared to spend extra money to keep your hot tub running!

Hot Tub Review
5. Final Thoughts

The only other piece of advice I can give you is to purchase the largest and nicest unit that you can afford!

Don’t underestimate the use of your hot tub.  Trust me, when you have guests over…they will want to hot tub…if you have kids….they will want to hot tub….and you and your partner will want to hot tub together.

Buy the largest one you can afford.  And don’t go cheap unless you have to!

Find a reputable dealer in your area, and ask for some previous customer contacts.  Follow up with these folks and ask how they like their hot tubs, how the installation went, etc.

Only go with the company that is reputable and has happy customers.

OR…go with a used hot tub instead of a new one!  There’s a bit more involved and you probably need to be a bit more buyer savvy, but it can be done, and it can be done for a really nice price.  Check out my personal experience doing just that!

I hope this hot tub info has been helpful to you and has you soaking in no time!

Happy tubbing!

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