Garden Landscape Designs

Garden Landscape Designs

These specifically address those areas in your overall backyard landscaping design where you want to grow something special.

While you will have an overall landscape design for your entire yard, you’ll have several “mini-gardens” throughout your landscape.

Maybe you’ve allocated a specific place for a flower garden in your front yard, or you’d like a shady perennial garden under a large tree, or you’d like to add a container flower garden to your patio.

Let’s talk about the that are available to you, and some tips as to how to best orchestrate your design.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

Place zucchini in your raised bed vegetable garden!

Vegetable gardening is one of those hobbies that is loved by many! When spring rolls around, we gardeners are just itching to get digging in the dirt, aren’t we?

While a traditional vegetable garden design is rectangular in shape, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Personally, I prefer a design that’s a little less traditional.

I like the vegetable gardens that flow better with the surrounding landscape, and even incorporate some perennials and annual flowers to boot! A raised bed vegetable garden can be made relatively easy with materials from your local home improvement store, or you can purchase a pre-constructed bed that only requires assembly.  Companies such as “Frame It All” makes this whole concept easy breezy!

Basic Herb Garden

Having an herb garden in your yard can be one of the more enjoyable features of the garden.  Cooking with fresh herbs at your fingertips is second to none!

Did you know that some herbs are grown as annuals, and some as perennials?  The perennial herbs should be carefully located in a garden space where they can come back year after year, and some annual herbs do better in containers than in the garden.

Border Garden

These garden plans are usually designated for a small space, or one that may pose a challenge because of it’s location or because of certain nuances about the site that need to be taken into consideration.

A border garden can be a fun area to work with and exercise your creativity depending on how you look at the space. Select the right landscaping plants for your design, and the results will truly “WOW” you!

Flower Garden Landscape Designs

A flower garden can make a huge impact in your landscape, and can be quite the show stopper if you plan it right!

It’s important to make sure that the colors of the flowers are complimentary, and the height of the plants once fully grown have been taken into consideration. These can be truly beautiful if you’ve done the proper planning.

Many people like to incorporate at least one flower garden design in their backyard!

Allium flowers in a perennial garen

Planning a Perennial Garden

If you’ve had a chance to look through this website at all, you know that I’m a huge fan of perennial plants!

Perennials are those plants that return year after year, and as long as they remain healthy and happy, produce reliable effects in any garden.  I just love the yearly return feature of these beauties, even if their blooming periods are not as long lasting as annual flowers.

Planning a perennial garden takes a bit of preparation, and there are some important things to consider before planting to make sure that you get years of satisfaction from this type of garden.

Container Flower Garden

Are you short on space, or do you want to spruce up an entrance way or a patio? Perhaps you’re looking to plant herbs and spices in a hanging basket, or are looking for ideas on indoor gardening during the long winter months?

Good ideas on planting a container flower garden will help get you started.

Childrens Garden

I can’t say that I enjoy sharing my valuable garden “me time” with my kids, but the good people of the world will appreciate the benefits of a childrens garden!  🙂

What a fabulous way for you to engage your kids (or nieces or nephews…or grandkids) in an activity that you enjoy while spending some fun time outside!

Encourage your child’s natural curiosity, while teaching them a skill or hobby that they may take with them for the rest of their lives!

Backyard Pond Landscaping

I have never built one myself, nor do I have one in my yard. My cousin, however, has a water garden in his yard, and I believe that it has been a bit more work than he anticipated when he first bought his house.

He wasn’t the original installer, but he did end up dismantling it to fix and leak.  Putting it back together surely gave him the unique perspective of all that’s involved in building a water garden, and caring for it!

Backyard pond landscaping is an extensive project, as is maintaining one. Before you embark on this project, learn more about the process and whether or not the installation of such a garden is a good option for you.

Preformed Pond Kits

This is definitely an easier way to go about establishing a pond ecosystem in your backyard. The preformed pond kits available at this site are pretty cool, and relatively easy to establish.

“Relatively” being the operative word here….

I certainly hope that one of the described above appeal to you, and are beneficial to you as you develop your overall backyard landscaping design.

Landscaping is one of those activities that you continue to enjoy long after the project is complete. If you love to garden as much as I do, you’ll not only get enjoyment from working in the soil, but the satisfaction that comes from a project that you’ve completed yourself. And if you’ve planned your design well, you will reap the benefits of your labor long after you’ve finished.

Garden landscape designs are especiially wonderful when they are completed FOR you! Starting with a professionally developed design can provide you with a nice solid starting base. As long as the design features include elements that you are able to complete yourself, the finish product can look just as professional as if you had hired a landscaper.  Are you aware that you can get “free” landscape designs from local landscape business?

OR you can get FREE from the Web!  Check these out!!

One tip that my mom gave me that I’d like to pass along, is to take pictures of your landscape every year. It’s helpful to have a running tab of your progress when you feel discouraged and question the amount of progress you’re making.

Also, try to take pictures of your flowers as they’re in bloom. It’s nice to have those memories during cold or gloomy weather to help keep you focused on what’s to come!

As always, happy gardening!!

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