Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard Landscape Design

Is it really important to complete a before starting any work on your backyard landscaping project?  Will the final result of using a design really be that much more appealing than without a design?

In most cases…Yes!  Even if that design is only a vision that you hold in your head, you should have a good idea of what you want the finished product to look like.

Trust me when I say this because I have certainly done it both ways!!

While at times I have been successful landscaping small area without a design, when landscaping a larger area or a focal point such as the front yard, I have had much more success when working with a design.

Even landscaping a small yard has better results when the design is created before the
plants go in the ground.

A landscape design is a detailed layout of the landscaping plants
and garden structures that you plan to install, or have installed, in
your yard. Not everyone works equally well with a detailed plan.  But having at least a general idea of the finished design will produce better results.

There are many different ways you can go about obtaining a backyard
landscape design, depending on how involved you would like to be in the
process and how large your budget is.

Let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can create your own , or even better…how you can have one created for you!

Gentlemen, grab your pencils!

Ah yes, one of my favorite techniques….the lazy man’s (or woman’s) approach.

I have always intended to purchase some graph paper (I mean really, how expensive is graph paper?) and draw my plans a bit more to scale than some of the remedial drawings I come up with for my landscape plans, but I never quite make it to the store.

Here’s a good sample of what most of my plans look like.  I’m working on this one right now!

Dare to dream you could ever create such a masterpiece for yourself! Ha ha! 🙂

This may not be the type of that you’ll wow your friends with, but it will help you visualize what you want the final product to look like, and it will help prevent the final product from looking like a hodge-podge nightmare.  (Well, let’s hope anyways…I haven’t completed the project yet!  Once I’m done I’ll let my husband rate me on the “hodge-podge scale” and get back to you!)

This is a very simplistic approach, andis probably best utilized by someone who already has good working knowledge of landscaping plants and basic design concepts.

For example, plants, trees and bushes of varying heights and different
characteristics add interest and draw the eye into the design, while too
much variety creates chaos and diminishes the value of those plants.

You’ll also need to take the sun into consideration.  I failed to place it on my work of art above, but the left side of the paper is the North side of the house.  Hosta will work well there because of the several feet of shade it receives every day.  I’ll also need to be sure to plant the viburnum far enough away from the house to ensure they receive enough sunlight.

If you’re feeling uncertain about design and need more assistance in the
process, read more about the options available to you from local
landscape business below.

If you’re ready to sketch up your own design, but feel you lack knowledge about landscaping plants, bushes and trees perhaps the information posted here about all types of landscaping plants will help you during the process.

Local Backyard Landscape Design Businesses


But hear me out…

If you’re redesigning your yard, you’re going to need plants, right?

Probably lots of plants!

Probably several hundred dollars worth of plants!

Here’s the deal…

Many of the local garden centers or nurseries in your area may also have landscape design services available to their clients. What SOME companies will offer is a landscape design for a certain amount of money, and then they’ll offer you a discount on their plants if you purchase from their nursery.

One local garden center in Wisconsin charges about $200 for a landscape design, however if you purchase at least $200 worth of plants from them within a certain amount of time after having the design completed, you can get $200 off your plant order.

Which in my mind essentially means, you get a professional landscape design completed for free!

And, there may be parts of your design that you will want to have someone else do for you.  So you get the design for free, and have connected with a company that can assist with the more difficult parts of the installation.

Let’s say you have 5 large bushes or trees that you’d like to have installed.  Depending on their size, it may be worth the money to have professionals with the right tools do the work for you.

I had a friend who needed a row of arborvitae bushes installed that were already at a height of 7 feet.

That’s a whole lot of bush!  And a whole lot of money for each bush!

Getting the installation done by someone else means that you have it done right and have a better chance of those plants surviving in your yard.

Landscape Design Software

Ok, so you want to do the design yourself, and you don’t want it to look like your 5 year old drew it up for you.

There is relatively cheap landscape design software which will give you a more detailed and professional looking design.

This method is a step up from using a pencil and paper, although the
idea is similar. While you will have a more detailed backyard landscape
design to work with, you will still need to have a general knowledge of
the plants, trees and bushes you will be utilizing in your design.

The digital design below is one that were created with software that I purchased
from Smart Draw.

The program was relatively easy to work with, and the program has the ability to create many other documents, like graphs, organizational charts, family trees, brochures, pie charts, floor plans, flyers, maps, and on and on and on!

That makes it a money saver in my mind!

These home landscape plans show two designs created with Smart Draw and their real live outcome!  They are good representative samples of how the program can be used,
although I’m sure it’s been upgraded a bazillion times since I used it a
few years ago. 🙂

Need more ideas?

More ideas for your yard can be found at pictures of s. More pictures are always being added to help you visualize the design that will work best in your yard.

Feel free to use any of the designs that I have placed on this site, and modify as needed, to help you establish your own fabulous design.

I hope that this site is a useful reference for you in completing your own backyard paradise! Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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