Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun

Having is what I’m interested in MOST when it’s comes to my yard!

That’s certainly what my family and friends are interested in too….

…………how much fun they’ll have in MY backyard! 🙂

For most of us, the efforts that we make in landscaping our yards, the “toys” that we bring in (such as pools and hot tubs), the patio furniture that we buy, the lawn and garden decor that we display all center around one goal….having more fun!

Be it visual enjoyment of our outdoor space, or actual family playtime…we want more fun in our yards.

These are some of the things that are most important to people when they’re looking to up the fun factor on the homefront:

Feeding Wild Birds

Don’t you just love watching the wild birds gather outside your window?

Photo courtesy of 'Tomsaint 11'

Even if you’re not an avid bird watcher (which I’m not) it is so amazing to be able to attract a variety of birds to your feeder, and watch them interact with each other. Feeding wild birds gets more exciting the more you do it, particularly throughout the change of seasons as different birds are flying north or south through your area. (Some birds require special “bait” to lure them into your yard, such as when you’re feeding orioles with the one fruit that will have them coming back for more…)

My bird feeders are definitely a huge part of my own , and over the years I’ve learned a few techniques that have helped me get the most from my bird feeder.

You’ll have to consider buying several feeders to reach out to different birds. Feeding hummingbirds, for example, is only possible with the right food and the right feeder…

Repel Mosquitos

Oh boy….I have a LOT to say about this subject! Mosquitos were a
huge, massive, outlandish problem in my last backyard, and
I became
quite familiar with many different methods of getting rid of these
little buggers.

There are probably those of you right now who are reading these words
and thinking to yourselves, “oh, mosquitoes don’t bother me that much..”
Congratulations. Unfortunately, not only do I have mosquito issues, but they can’t get enough of me…
I’m to a mosquito like a juicy steak to a ravenous dog.

Needless to say, I have to take serious measures to repel mosquitoes in my yard.
My favorite form of prevention is through the use of a Skeeter Vac.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

If you’re going to spend the money, get something that you really want!

Your outdoor patio furniture sets will determine how much you have in your outdoor space this summer.

In order to do this, you need to asses what’s important for you….do
you need comfort, do you want low-maintenance, is aesthetics important,
do you have frequent guests? All of these issues are important
considerations when purchasing patio furniture.  The right type of furniture will have a
big impact on your level of .

Lawn and Garden Decor

You may or may not choose to add pieces of decor to your yard. I like
adding pieces that are artistic and serve a purpose, but I’m not shy to
add anything that I find to be particularly, “cute.” 

Have you heard of the “Beasties”?
I’d love to be able to add one of those to my yard someday! They’re a
little pricey, and extremely heavy, so between the cost and the obstacle
of delivery and placement, I haven’t gotten one, but someday….

Garden Bird Baths

When I think of garden bird baths, I think of my Grandma, and that
always makes me happy! She was so faithful about spraying out her bird
bath every day, and filling it up with fresh water so that the birds
could swim in it.

And they certainly did use it!

Photo courtesy of 'light to shine'

My Grandma had her bird bath set up in the middle of her backyard, in a nice sunny location, and the birds just loved it!

To lure birds to a feeder, I found that it often works best to have the feeder located near a bush or tree so that the birds feel protected. The opposite seems to be true for bird baths. They like to do their bathing right in the sun!
Wouldn’t we all like to do our bathing in the sun if we could?

Whatever you decide to do with your backyard, remember
the most important aspect….how to enjoy it! I have often gotten so
wrapped up in the landscaping aspect of my yard, that I literally needed
to stop and enjoy the scenery. Take time to enjoy your

If you’re looking for a unique way to add some , here’s a website that will
help you construct a putting green right in your own backyard!

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